12 Dates Ideas to Do With Your Kids

by Sami Garrison

Every month we try our best to take one kid out on a date. We love taking our kids on dates and spending quality time with our children. These kid activities are perfect for mother daughter dates and father son dates or both! There are so many fun activites for kids that they will love! Plus alot of these are cheap kids activites! These date ideas are perfect for you and your child. They are fun, unique and promote great one on one time for you and your child! We have went bowling, rollerblading, kite sailing, and even done a photo shoot! We have six kids so we are shooting for two dates a year each. I love quality time so this is a must for me since I have so many kids! It’s an amazing way to make memories and help your kiddo feel special. I also have had some really deep and meaningful conversations with all of my kids while we are on our date. They really are more likely to open up when its one on one time! Here are 12 of our favorite ideas and I hope you can get some inspiration!

1. Painting Class

I have taken both of my daughters on a date to a painting class and they still have the paintings hanging in their room! The class took about an hour and a half to complete. You receive a bunch of paints and a canvas. An instructor gives you step by step instructions on how to make your painting. We have made a unicorn cat and a rainbow dog. They both turned out pretty cute and the girls loved it. I think it cost around 40.00 for us both to take the class but if you wanted to make it cheaper you could buy your own canvases and paint and do a youtube kids painting class!

2. Dinner and a Movie

This is a classic date for adults for a reason! It’s something that takes no planning but is still super fun! I usually let whatever kid is with me pick any restaurant they want which unfortunately means I did spend an evening in the McDonalds play house. Afterwards we stop by a gas station for a candy bar that we can smuggle in to have with our popcorn! 

3. See a Play or Musical

One thing my daughter still talks about is when we went to see the musical, “The School of Rock”. We got matching shirts and went to dinner and she still sings “Stick it to the man!!” Many cities have local theaters that sell very affordable tickets if your’e looking to have your date on a budget! Otherwise bigger cities are always having traveling broadway musicals come in! I love this idea because it can give your kids an appreciation for the arts that I might not be able to show them at home since I have absolutely no artistic ability! This was one of my favorite dates I ever went on. Ari and I actually went to Omaha which is about an hour and a half away. Since the musical was at night it got out too late for us to drive home so we got a hotel room, swam, did face masks and painted our fingernails. We went out to dinner and just spent the day talking. It might be the only time that she and I ever spend the whole night together. It was right around her birthday so we actually gave her this as her birthday gift so the other kids didn’t feel too left out!

4. Grab Ice cream and go for a drive 

My kids love the frozen yogurt shops where you can add your own toppings. This is a great date idea if you are a little short on time. Afterwards we love to go for a drive, especially depending on the time of year. We love to go through fancy neighborhoods in the fall and look at the beautiful trees or drive through neighborhoods with pretty Christmas lights in the winter. 

5. Board Games at a coffee shop 

If you want more of a quiet atmosphere where you can really sit and talk, sit down at a coffee shop. Grab a shake and croissant and enjoy it over a game of monopoly or UNO or whatever your favorite game is. 

6. Go on a Walk/hike

This one is great because its free! It’s also a great way to have a peaceful laid-back date night! I also love that it gives you a chance to talk and hangout in nature! You could even pack a picnic if you wanted to make it into a dinner date! 

8. Check out a Museum 

We have a ton of free museums in our hometown that the kids love! It’s fun to see them learn and they help open up discussion about things that might not have been brought up! It’s amazing to be able to see the world through their eyes. 

9. Go Fishing

This is one that my husband loves to do with our boys! They go to a small lake in our town and they spend a couple hours together hanging out fishing! He likes to pack a picnic and just hang out with them!

10. The Googly Eye Date Night

Buy a package of google eyes with the sticky backs and go to a store and find fun places to place the eyes. My kids think this is hilarious! We usually pair it with dinner and I sometimes kill two birds with one stone and we pick up groceries while playing the game! 

11. Go to an arcade

One of our favorite places to take our kids is the arcade! We’ve been to Dave and Busters, Chuck E. Cheese, and even our mall arcade and they love each place! This one is probably my husbands favorite date to do with the kids! You can spend as little or as much as you want!

12. Build-a-Bear

I hesitate to put this one on there because I will never not feel a little crazy for spending 40.00 on a flipping stuffed animal. However, if you make yourself see it as an activity as well as a new toy, it helps! We did one for our daughter when I had a coupon for it and she loved it. They craziest part is she loved it AFTER we got home. None of my kids have a toy that they actually love consistently, let alone keep track of and she somehow did! We took my twin boys another time for their date night and they LOVED it too. They still have their “Flash Berts” and its been over a year!

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