8 Easy Birthday Traditions You Should Have For Your Kids

by Sami Garrison

Birthday Traditions You Should Be Doing For Your Kids

Birthdays are kind of a big deal in our house. There were a few things I promised myself when we decided to have such a large family and not skimping on birthdays is one of them! It’s one day a year where they can feel special and the center of attention! It only comes once a year and thankfully, in our family, ours are spread out pretty nicely throughout the year! The tips that I have are inexpensive, easy, and memorable!!

  1. Decorate the House

The night before their birthday I decorate the dining room with birthday decorations. When they wake up in the morning they are so excited to see the room. I never do anything major. In fact, a lot of times I reuse decorations from the last birthday. I spend 1.00 on a new table cloth, blow up some balloons, slap some fun banners on the wall and call it good. I also buy fun napkins, paper plates and disposable silverware to make clean up of the birthday breakfast even easier. We also occasionally have bought birthday hats for everyone to wear or noise makers to play with during the birthday song. They look forward to it every birthday and always discuss what the house will look like when they wake up! 

2. Birthday Breakfast

I don’t know how it happened but the staple birthday breakfast is pancakes with m and ms and rainbow sprinkles. We actually let them request anything they want and they pick that every time! Our daughter Ellie is the only one who asked for something other than pancakes and she wanted a cupcake, which we gave her! Whoever the birthday kid is gets a stack of pancakes with however old they are. If they are 8 they get 8 pancakes, if they are 5 they get 5, etc. We also stick a candle in the top of their pancake stack and sing happy birthday to them in the morning. Plus if you decided to decorate the table, cleaning is the easiest thing! You just grab the ends of the disposable table cloth and toss the whole thing out, plates, cups, syrup spills and all!

3. New Outfit

After breakfast they get to open a present that has a new outfit in it for the day. My girls really love having a birthday outfit, that says it’s their birthday but I don’t always do it that way. I do always get them something new to wear that I know they will love!

4. Video

For each kids birthday I take short video clips throughout the day and compile them into their birthday video with their current favorite song in the background. Then we watch the videos from the previous year before bed time and reminisce on the year and how amazing that kid has been. 

5. Birthday Interview

Each year we have a birthday interview and ask them some basic questions about their goals and their current likes and dislikes. You can find the full list here:  We have also done them for New Years as well. You can write them down or I actually email it to their secret email address I have set up. 

6. Do Something Special for Them at School

If I can I try really hard to go to the school and meet them for lunch. If you can’t actually make it to the school try to send flowers or a balloon bouquet to be dropped off in their classroom. Also, I always send treats for their class so they can have something to give out to their classmates! 

7. Pick a Fun Activity vs. Spending Money on Gifts

We are a pretty minimalist toy gifters. We have so stinking many and none of my kids are really into anything specific. Plus by the time our parents get them a gift and my siblings they have already had plenty to open. So we actually spend our money on doing something fun vs. material gifts. I think this makes their day feel even more meaningful and I love that it includes all of the kids and not just the birthday kid! We have done painting classes, cupcake decorating, the trampoline park, Chuck E Cheese, etc. We try to plan something fun to do together on every kids birthday and they don’t even notice that we don’t do a bunch of presents! If you do want to get your kids a gift get them an experience or date night with you! Check out my post: 5 awesome Date Ideas You Can Do With Your Kids.

8. Choose Their Own Birthday Dessert
Each year the kids get to pick ANY dessert they want. From my famous sprinkle cake, to chocolate chip cookies cake, to banana bread, I’ve made it all! Bonus points if you let them help you make it the day before!

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Nadia September 14, 2020 - 4:25 pm

Love this post and the idea of doing a birthday interview! That would create some great memories! I am with you on spending on an activity vs toys.

Anna September 15, 2020 - 12:43 am

Um. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE! Totally gonna use some in my house!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Tabea September 15, 2020 - 10:26 am

Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing. Some of the things I remember my parents doing for me when I was a child and I love having those memories! Definitely doing most of it with my kids as well now 🙂


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