5 Awesome Things That Happen With A Scheduled C-Section

by Sami Garrison

I have currently had three c-sections. My first was with my twins and I had labored for over 28 hours and let me tell you… it was the worst. The recovery was long, I was terrified. I didn’t know what to expect. I experienced all of the contractions and labor pains before they finally said I wasn’t progressing enough and they sliced me open anyways. Thankfully my boys were super healthy and everything went perfectly! However, on my next pregnancy I wasn’t very excited to re experience the whole birthing ordeal and let me tell you it was 100% better than I was expecting.

My next two c-sections were a dream comparatively to my first. I know the recovery is a bit longer with a c section than with a vaginal birth but there are definitely perks with a scheduled cesarean. 

1. No Vagina Checks

For my third pregnancy I only took my pants off once for my OB and that was for the Strep B Test. Which is super easy. It’s flipping fantastic. The only other reason you might need to be checked again is if you are due for a Pap smear. Which I believe most doctors offices allow you to wait three years between check ups so if you’ve had one since then you are in the clear! The only other reason they might is if you think you might be in labor! Basically you get to skip all of the up close and personal stuff as long as your baby stays nice and cozy!

2. Planning Ahead 

Obviously, like it says in the name, you get to schedule your C section ahead of time. Most OBGYNS schedule the date for your surgery when you are officially full term, which is at 39 weeks. They usually start looking at dates somewhere in the beginning of your third trimester. This gives you time to plan care for your other children, pack, clean, prepare things for your job and anything else you might need to do! I love having a plan and knowing what is going on with my life! 

3. So much less time 

Now I know some women are just professional baby birthers and can push their baby out in an hour or less but generally it takes some time to birth a baby. Sometimes hours and hours. A C section is so much faster! You come in two hours before your scheduled operation. There the nurses will give you an IV, check you in, go over the procedure, get your insurance and hang out with you until it’s time for the operation. Once the surgery starts, in my experience, you will have your baby in thirty minutes or less! Then it takes about another 15 minutes to be put back together. During that time you can see your baby, hear his sweet little cry and take pictures with them!

4. You Get The Doctor You Want 

For my doctors office, even though I have a specific doctor I always see at check ups, there are several other doctors in the partnership. They all switch off nights and weekends for when they are on call. This means that if I were to go into labor I wouldn’t be guaranteed to get my favorite doctor. In fact it’s probable that if I go into labor in the evening or the weekend I won’t get my favorite doctor at all. Having a scheduled C section means you get to handpick who is doing your surgery and spend the 9 months getting to know them and helping them know you and your goals and expectations! 

5. More Hospital Time

This one can go either way depending on how you feel about hospitals. BUT your hospital stay is at least a day to two days longer with a ceserean than with a vaginal delivery. This means you have more one on one time with your baby before you have to go home and take care of your other kids and responsibilities. Also, you will get a little more time to rest and completely focus on your healing. At night the nurses are so helpful and will be willing to bring the baby to the nursery so you can have some peace and quiet and not have to worry about your baby for a couple of hours. 

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